Well Hi there!

Welcome to my wonderful journey of fitness and healthy eating and discovering the best of both worlds.

Since growing up I thought you had to skinny and popular to be able to partake in sports. At school I was always at choir practice or sewing club (I call it my creative side) rather than doing the sport I actually enjoyed as I thought I wouldnโ€™t fit in.

Katie Skipper weight loss
My weight loss

Three years ago I decide to change my aspect of thinking and I join a gym that was run by ex-marines (maybe not the greatest decision seeing as I hadnโ€™t done sport in a while!). This gym completely changed my aspect of sport for me. It doesnโ€™t matter what size you are, what your background is or where you are from, if you put in the effort you will see the rewards.

Since joining that gym I have lost a considerable amount of weight, changed my mind set that eating healthier actually makes me happy From this I am a considerably happier, fitter person.

I really hope you enjoy my journey.

Skip x