The Fear!

I don’t think you have really experience life until you have really lived in fear, then and only then will you overcome it.

From getting into a boxing ring for the first time too getting on to a plane to the other side of the world for 3 months to “find myself” I have experience fear. Only by doing those things I have overcome them and become a better, stronger person.

I remember my first boxing fight where in the first round I got hit hard in the face and remember thinking ‘Sugar Me she actually hit me…and it didn’t hurt!’. Fear is a big thing that can easily get you second guessing yourself. Overthink it and it could destroy you. The only way to change this mindset is to stand up to it and say ‘screw you, I CAN do this!’

I have just ended an events project in Portugal where I have been working there for over a month all by myself. At first I thought it would be super easy to get stuck into the Portuguese lifestyle as I had just done 3 months in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. But there was a minor issue of the language barrier!! I didn’t know a world Portuguese.

Even though my family and friends where only a 2hour flight away compared to a 24hour flight when I was traveling I felt extremely vulnerable and the thought of talking to the locals in ANOTHER LANGUAGE scared me! But the only way I concurred this fear of not being alone was to pull my finger out and at least give it a go.

Yes, I got some funny looks while trying to put a sentence together or asking for something but I blooming well tried and that was the main thing. I think the funniest thing was making hand signals trying indicate what I was trying to say, I must have looked like a absolute wally! I remember my last day in Porto where I’d met up with some friends who I hadn’t seen since I’d arrived (I couldn’t speak a word back then) and I spoke Portuguese to them (well I managed about 3 sentences) and they nearly fell over in shock! They were so impressed by how far I had come. In my head I was desperately trying to think of my next sentence in Portuguese but also extremely happy with their response.

I remember my first week in Porto someone said to me in a sarcastic tone ’Oh, you can only say two words in Portuguese”. I was then slightly hurt by this comment, thinking how on earth will I be able to manage more than a month of this! But persistence is truly key. I stuck at it, and by the end I went up to that person before I left and spoke Portuguese to them and their face looked like I’d slapped them with a wet fish!

So test yourself, fear is evil omem and will only be conjured if it’s stare right in the face.

I can successfully say I have massively overcome my fear of putting myself out there and saying ‘you know what, I’ve got this!’.

So, what is the harm of at least trying? What’s the worst that can happen?!

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