Tough Mudder – Never Underestimate Yourself!

When I decided to get a Personal Trainer three years ago I remember my trainer asking if I had a goal that I had set for myself, I said that I had always dreamt of doing the 13 miles Tough Mudder as my sister did it and I’ve wanted to do it ever since. But I could NEVER do that, I’m far to unfit for Tough Mudder! He said that Tough Mudder was a good goal and definitely achievable, I said to him ‘but you don’t understand, I am NOT Tough Mudder fit and the obstacles are really hard!’ and my trainers response was “well life is not a dress rehearsal!”.


I had 4 months to train for this event. I went from doing no exercise to intense one to one personal training sessions with a ex-marine, which can I say was brutal! I remember my first session and I had to go outside for fresh air as I thought I was going to be sick, my PT’s response was “you know I give my employees a bonus if they make their clients sick!”. If I had any energy at that time and my boxing was up to scratch I would have knocked him out there and then.

I can’t describe how nervous I was training for Tough Mudder. It was undoubtedly the hardest thing I have ever mental trained for. To top that off I got shin splints while training (which I have never had before) so training was becoming extremely difficult! I remember saying to my PT a week before Tough Mudder and still not being able to put any weight on my legs “you do know I’ve got Tough Mudder this weekend” and his response was “well you’ve got to die at some point in your life!”.

I couldn’t sleep the night before the event. I had nightmare that I would die somewhere on the course and also thinking that I had put so much effort into my training that the training just wasn’t enough for Tough Mudder!

When we got to the event (I was doing it with my best friend) I remember looking around and thinking ‘oh my god there is only two of us in a team, how on earth are we going to get up a 8ft wall!’. When we lined up at the start the atmosphere was insane! It was like a festival, but a muddy one. Everyone was extremely nervous but very excited at the same time. The commentator made us vow that we were all one team and we would look after each other, it was not a race! Then I realised that this day was going to be a really good day.


Tough Mudder is called Tough Mudder for a reason. The obstacle were hard but because everyone worked together it was an amazing experience, just to see how everyone would help anyone who needed it. I remember getting to the second obstacle, three 8ft walls, one after the other and my friend and I looked at each and our hearts sank. We were both thinking the same thing, if we can’t get over this we might as well go home now. All of a sudden a man turned to me and said ‘would you like a lift up love?’. Luckily this man was very tall, but I was still thinking ‘how on earth am I suppose to get onto your shoulders!’. Some how I got on his shoulders and another man at the top pulled me up. I suddenly thought ‘now THIS is what team work is all about!’. After that I thought I could conquer absolutely anything!

It was weird because when I was training I didn’t feel like my strength was improving, but when I got to the obstacles where you had to use your strength Sugar Me my strength kicked in! I remember climbing across the monkey bars and there was a pool of ice cold water underneath me and I got to the last two bars and I was just about to let go because  just couldn’t do it anymore and then my PT’s voice came into my head “Man Up Skipper and finish it!” and you know what?! I blooming well completed it!

The terrain was ridiculous. Extremely hilly and because it rained we were slipping everywhere but because everyone was in the same situation it wasn’t actually that bad. I remember running up a very steep hill and a group of men behind me were chanting “pizza and beer” over and over again which made everyone laugh. It just shows that what ever the weather or situation if the spirits are high everyone is happy.

I remember running through the finish and wanting to cry. I have always wanted to do something like this and never thought in a million years I would be able to do it. I say this a lot nowadays but it just shows that if you put in the hard work and effort then you will see the results! Anyone can do anything they want to do and I am living proof of that!


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