Boxing – “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”

Three years ago you would have NEVER got me in a boxing ring. Why would I want to get hit in the face for fun, who would?!

I remember the first time I boxed on the pads and my trainer said “You’ve got a great punch but your technique is awful!”. Now I was brought up in the countryside with horses and I was always taught never let the horse think that they have won! If you fall off a horse, get back on it and show it who is boss! With this in mind at first I thought maybe boxing isn’t for me, I mean I hate getting hit in the face, maybe I could try a softer sport. But then my stubborn determined side kicked in and I thought “you know what, I am going to give it a go and then I can say I have at least tried it”, and you know what, I have now done 5 fights to this day!

beginners boxing blog
My first boxing fight

I remember when I went to my first boxing show, it was an unreal setting. Like walking into a nightclub with a red carpet and lights everywhere. I thought “this is NOT a boxing show, this is like a Saturday night out and it will be a lot of fun!”. I got wrapped up (in my pink wraps obviously) and I remember people saying to me “Skip you seem so calm?!” That was because I was in competition mode. I would never let my nerves get the better of me and I desperately thinking “IT’S JUST ANOTHER HORSE SHOW” and that the girl in the ring wasn’t going to knock me out! Before my ring entrance song come on my trainer turned to me and said “are you ok?” I replied saying “yes, as my mum would say before a horse show Man Up and go and win it!” And my trainer replied “well you not at a horse show so get out there and Man Up!”.

Me in the ring
Me in the ring

Walking into that boxing ring felt like I was walking to my death, but I HAD to put a brave face on and prove people wrong and that I can actually do this. In the gym when I spar I cry probably every time when I get hit, I’m know as the “cry baby” BUT when it comes to competition time there is no time for that so it Man Up and get on with it!

After three rounds I my adrenaline was sky high and I was weirdly having fun but also really wanted to get out of the ring. I remember coming out of the ring and my gloves were covered in blood (I had a harmless nosy bleed but it looked like I was in a crazy girl fight) and thinking “I didn’t win! I knew I wasn’t going to win as it was my first fight, but I still didn’t win!” So many mixed emotions were going round my head, I didn’t win BUT I am still alive and the punches didn’t actually hurt as much as I thought they would. My trainer said “now even though you didn’t win, that fight was a Posh Spar. It really doesn’t matter that you didn’t win, it was merely for practice”.

Still to this day I have taken everything from that first fight. Since that very first fight I have won 4 fights, trained with some incredible boxers from beginners to professionals and have taken so much from it.

Boxing is not about hitting people in the face. It is about technique, dedication and respect!

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